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Halen, Liniestraat 54





Halen is a few miles south of exit 25 on the E314 freeway. The Liniestraat runs from Halen through Velpen to Loksbergen. From Halen the military cemetery is on the right side of the street.


On a surface of 1,2 ares 181 Belgian soldiers are buried here.


They died during the famous "Battle of the Silver Helmets" in Halen on August 12, 1914.

Here also, we find 31 unidentified soldiers.


The "Battle of the Silver Helmets" was the only battle in the withdrawal of the first days of war that was won by the Belgian army.


Next to the cemetery is a monument in memory of the fallen soldiers of the 4th and 24th infantry regiments.





On the way from Halen to Loksbergen at the confluence of the Lansiersstraat and the Zilveren Helmenstraat is this memorial at the place where the battle was won by our soldiers.






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