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Lier, Mechelsesteenweg 242





From the railway station Lier to the military cemetery on Mechelsesteenweg is a good 1 1/4 mile. Here, in a beautiful area of just over an acre, we find 456 Belgian Great War victims. There are also a number of Commonwealth graves on this cemetery.


Once again 143 nameless heroes. These soldiers all died during the months of September and October 1914 when the German forces attacked Antwerp and our soldiers twice counterattacked out of the city (August 24, 25 and 26 and September 9 and 10, 1914).


A monument by the German artist Georg Kolbe decorates the cemetery. This monument was transferred from Eppegem, a former German cemetery, when it was closed, and a military cemetery for the Germans was established in Lier, the monument was transferred from Eppegem to the Lier cemetery.

The German cemetery of Lier in turn was closed in 1956 and all German casualties were transferred to the German cemetery in Vladslo. The Kolbe monument remained in Lier.




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