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Ramskapelle, Ramskapellestraat





Ramskapelle is close to Middelkerke at junction 3 of the E40 south towards Calais. One reaches the military cemetery before driving into the heart of the village.


The camera crew of VRT making the recording for the "At War" program began their journey at the locks in Middelkerke. Less than two miles further they walked past this beautiful Belgian military cemetery, without giving it a worthy look. In every of the 7 episodes of their program, they were at least on two military cemeteries of various nationalities. No Belgian military cemetery ever got their attention. How about that?


Nearly 2/3, (404) of the 635 Belgian heroes buried here have no identification on their nameplate on this beautifully decorated cemetery of neary two acres. Behind the impressive front wall are 9 arched rows of tombstones.


The cemetery was established in 1922 with the remains of soldiers who died in Nieuwpoort, Westende, Lombartsijde, Sint-Joris, Mannekensvere and Ramskapelle, whom had been buried previously in the small village cemeteries in the area.




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