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Steenkerke, Steenkerkestraat 4





Along the axis Veurne-Ieper, Steenkerke is the first of 4 major Belgian military cemeteries. In the order from Veurne to Ieper they are: Steenkerke, Oeren, Hoogstade and Westvleteren.


To get there use the exit 1a of the E40 South and drive in the direction of Ieper. Steenkerke is the first village to the left of the road.


The military cemetery lies just beyond the entrance of the church. In the first dirt road opposite the art studio of Willem Vermandere.


Here 508 Belgian heroes are buried. 27 remains are under unknown nameplate.

There are also a number of Commonwealth graves.

All this in an area of just over half an acre.



This cemetery was built during the war.


Nine graves still wear the heldenhuldezerkje, designed by Joe English.


This front-line soldier who died in Vinkem, initially was buried here.

The very first  annual pilgrimage by Flemish veterans in 1920 took place here at his grave.

In 1930, he was buried in the crypt of the new Pilgrimage Tower in Diksmuide.


Hereby a picture of his heldenhuldezerkje (hero-homage-cross) in the crypt of the Pilgrimage Tower in Diksmuide.




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