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Veltem-Beisem, Brusselsesteenweg 328





I visited the military cemetery of Veltem-Beisem by car and took the E311 in Leuven towards Genk, then exited towards Winksele. After 4 km. in the direction of Brussels, the road makes a bend to the left. The cemetery is right there to the right side of it. Be aware that the cemetery itself is about 20 feet lower than the level of the road. So you dont see the gravestones seated in the car. The cemetery is accessed via a double staircase that leads down left and right. Fully rimmed by tall trees, down there, one gets the impression that one is cut off from the world. The place exudes tranquility in all its glory!


As for the morning salute to the flag, the dead lie here in beautiful walks. This is without a doubt the most beautiful military cemetery in Belgium.


There are a total of 907 Belgian heroes, all buried after World War I, of which 242 are only known to God at this beautiful area of roughly 2 and and half acres.


Here are the soldiers buried who fell during the battles at Haacht, Wespelaar, Keerbergen, Werchter and Rotselaar at the first and second counterattacks from Antwerp (August 24, 25 and 26 and September 9 and 10, 1914).






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