Crypt of Etterbeek





The crypt of Etterbeek is located in the municipal cemetery of Etterbeek at the Lange Eikstraat at... Wezembeek-Oppem.


The crypt was constructed in 1958 and is located under this simple war memorial. The second picture shows the honorary wall where the names of some 950 casualties and veterans of the First and Second World Wars are listed.


The veterans deceased after 1958 are individualy buried under a tombstone designed by the municipality of Etterbeek, in an honorary park in front of the crypt.


The remains of 68 soldiers that died in the First World War are located in the crypt of which you can see the entrance at the bottom of the picture of the honorary wall. The crypt itself is not accessible to the public, therefore one can also describe this site as a mass grave. However, in Etterbeek they stick with the designation crypt.







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