Crypt of Loncin



The fort of Loncin was an important link in the belt of forts defending the city of Liège. When on August 15, 1914, a direct hit from the “Big Bertha” cannon found the ammunition depot, it exploded and more than 350 soldiers were buried alive under the rubble.







Notwithstanding the remains of most of those soldiers still lie somewhere below the ground, or perhaps just because of it, the place exudes an absolute tranquility.





Nowadays the fort of Loncin is a museum that is kept open and maintained by volunteers. This place is well worth visiting.











A guided audio-visual presentation takes 3 hours and also brings you in the crypt.

In that crypt, the mortal remains of 69 soldiers are preserved, including 51 only known unto God.







In 2008, accidentally, the remains of 26 soldiers were recovered in one of the collapsed areas. Only four of them could be identified. The remains of the 22 other soldiers were preserved all together in one box.









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