Crypte at the old IJzertoren in Diksmuide





The most famous Belgian World War One crypt is without any doubt the crypt below the old 'IJzertoren' in Diksmuide.

Every visitor to the IJzertoren stops at the graves of Renaat De Rudder from Oostakker, Jules De Winde from Merchtem,

Firmin Deprez from Noordschote, Joe English from Vinkem, Amé Fievez from Calonne, Frans Kusters from Rekem,

Frans Van der Linden from Antwerp, the brothers Edward and Frans Van Raemdonck from Steenstrate and Bert Willems from Moorslede.


Along the walls of the crypt are memorials for Herman Deneweth, Kamiel Glas, Hendrik Lewyllie, Gustaaf Peeters, Karel Rathé and Cornelis Stulens. These heroes are commemorated here with a memorial plate, however, they are not buried here.






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