Crypt of Grimde



The church in Grimde with the graveyard around in the Pastorijstraat was easy enough to find. But in the cemetery no military graves.

In the street two ladies were leaning on longhandles of two stationary brushes, ideal candidates to ask for the missing soldiers.


"Ah, sir, those guys are buried in the chapel."

"And ladies, where is that chapel?"

"Ah here sir," and they both pointed to the building which, in my opinion, in most villages in Flanders surely is called a church.






"But you have to get the key to the chapel in the flowerhouse."

In the house with geraniums on the windowsill I was told that the door of the chapel was open, and also where I could find the light switch.


Curious as I was to the contents of the chapel, I hurried towards it and opened the door, turned on the light and stoot there for a full minute, mouth wide open.


What I saw defied all imagination. 139 graves in a beautiful natural stone, arranged  in a way that they filled the whole church. These guys really hit the jackpot! Well, if you can, dying on the field of honor.







Among the casualties of the battles of Sint-Margriete-Houtem, Oplinter and Tienen is  also burried Colonel Cuppens. Before he died on April 28, 1943, he had expressed the desire to be buried here together with the men he commanded in 1914. He probably knew that he could find no better final resting place but here in Grimde, long before 1943.


The soldiers buried here all died in a fierce battle on August 18, 1914, or shortly subsequent to that date, due to injuries they incurred that day.








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