Orsmaal is a parish of Orsmaal-Gussenhoven which itself is a borough of the municipality of Linter. The graveyard of Orsmaal around the parish church contains an honorary park where 18 heroes, whom died in the first days of World War One, are buried. They all died on August 10, 1914. Here also a real monument where the names of the 23 fallen soldiers were engraved.


The remains of lieutenant Van der Burgh are in the private tomb next to the monument. All other soldiers are under a standard Belgian tombstone.


Lieutenant Alexandre Halleux was felled by a saberblow to the head on August 10. He died on August 13 at St. John's Hospital in Brussels. His burialplace is not mentioned anywhere.

Bauprez Alphonse is buried in Oostende.

Flamant J., 3rd regiment Lanciers, is nowhere found in the data.

Musch Omer was buried in Piéton.

François Renard was buried in Houdeng Goegnis.

The names of all other soldiers are mentionned on the individual nameplates of the graves.









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