Right next to the church of Bikschote and leaning against the cemetery behind, four Belgian heroes of the First World War were buried in a sober, but well maintained, park of honor. It might also be called a mass grave, but on the wall of the monument the four names positioned with their date of dead, are fairly divided in space, from which it can be concluded that they are buried individually.


Alidoor Blomme is the only hero born in Bikschote. The others are Cyriel Peene of Zuidschote, Hector Verstraete of Merken and Camille Pype of Menin. Camille Pype died in Coutances (France) on March 15, 1915.


In 1925 he was mistakenly confused with Camille Pype of Beselare whom died on September 27, 1914 in Buggenhout and, as a result of this confusion, buried in Dendermonde as an unknown soldier. This error was corrected only in 2016 when Camille Pype of Beselare obtained complete identification on his grave in Dendermonde.







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