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Rue de l'Eglise



This village on top of a mountain in the Massif Central had a Belgian sanatorium in 1915 that received several hundred Belgian soldiers in care.

Finally, 33 of our heroes succumbed to the effects of exposure to the dreaded mustard gas.

They are buried in a corner of the civil cemetery.






The hospital in the photo below, l'Hôpital Belge de Cauvalat in Avèze, had a maximum capacity of 67 patients with lung ailments caused by the mustard gas. The hospital was closed in April 1918 and the remaining patients were transferred to other hospitals.







Bovenstaand prentje met foto werd ons bezorgd door Aurel Sercu uit Boezinge



6 Belgian soldiers married local beauties. This created a Belgian base in Avèze which today is still alive with the locals. The owner of Le Bistrot Avèzol presented us to his nephew (once removed?) from Antwerp, who came to lunch while we also ate our lunch in the bistrot.

We even came to know the names of 5 of these soldiers. They were Georges Deconinck, Pierre Henrotay, François Van Huffel, Jules Gyselinck and Hilaire Laga.

None of these names appear on a tombstone on the military part of the civil cemetery. May we hope that they lived happily ever after?






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