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Villeurbanne (Lyon), Rhônes-Alpes

30 Avenue Albert Einstein



The military cemetery at the Porte de la Doua in Villeurbanne, was inaugurated in 1954 and initially used to bury the French casualties of the war in Indochina. Afterwards, the foreign victims of both World Wars were transferred here from civil cemeteries in the area.





That transfer brought 41 Belgian soldiers, victims of World War I, and 7 of World War 2 together in the same cemetery. There are no unknown soldiers and all Belgian casualties are buried under the French standard cross.


The high percentage of soldiers from a training unit indicates that in the First World War in Villeurbanne, or somewhere else in the vicinity of Lyon, a Belgian training center must have been in operation.


Most Belgians were initially buried on the honorary park of the old civil cemetery of Villeurbanne. When we arrived there on a saturday afternoon, we were referred to the military cemetery "à la porte de la Doua". Even the undertaker, opposite the entrance to the old cemetery, could not give us the name of the street where the military cemetery was located. I needed that streetname for my  car gps system.

I therefore thank the anonymous Villeurbanien whom offered to show us the way to the Avenue Albert Einstein driving his car ahead of us. La "courtoisie Française", n'est pas?





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