The last day of the Great War



On Monday, November 11, 1914 at 11 am the ceasefire went into effect and all battle activities came basically to a halt.


Still, on that day a number of soldiers were killed in small skirmishes, whether or not before 11 am... From our data we can not determine exactly whether we have pictures of the graves of the casualties of that date. Of the Belgian casualties of November 11, 918, they are 34 in total, it is impossible now to determine exactly those that died in the battles that have taken place that day.


On the basis of their place of death, however, we can see who died that day far away from the frontline.



Abroad died that day


In internment in Harderwijk: 2 soldiers

Prisoner of war in Germany: 5 detained


In different hospitals in France:


In Bassens: 1 soldier

In Bourbourg= 1 soldier

In Caen: 1 soldier

In Calais: 7 soldiers

In Eu: 1 soldier



In Belgium died that day


Brugge: 9 soldiers

In Adinkerke: 1 soldier

In Beveren aan de IJzer: 1 soldier

In Zevergem: 1 soldier

Four soldiers whose place of death is not known us, but whereof two were buried in Zomergem, one in Liège Walburge and one in Mechelen.

It may very well be that the two soldiers buried in Zomergem, and the soldier that died in Zevergem perished in battle in the final hours of the war, because they were near the front line at that time.


Certainty about this, however, we do not have.











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