Are our Belgian soldiers killed over again in Calais Nord?



So you could say!


On the Belgian part of the military cemetery of Calais Nord about fifteen graves spring to attention immediately.


The nameplates of those graves have all been heavily damaged by impacts of what very clear are bullets of a large caliber gun.


The most heavily damaged are the graves of Filips Bosman, Frans Bru, Florent Deckers, Emiel Haech, Pieter Huughe, Alfons Jacobs, Leo Lingier, Frans Maes and Julien Van Leke.


When I mentionned this to the IV NIOOO they showed awareness of the problem and they have a heavy presumption of whom the offender of these disgusting practices could have been.


One must indeed have a severely impaired mind to show repect and pay tribute in this way, to the heroes who gave their lives so that posterity would have a better life.


On the pictures you see the damages to the tombs of Frans Bru and Frans Maes, would you believe it?

Also what we have "made" after a good turn of photoshopping.

For the tomb of Frans Maes we even had to write to the Wuustwezel town administration to obtain his date of birth to repair the picture of his nameplate.












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