Sandblastings in 2013



The maintenance of our cemeteries is very expensive. The service soldiers-graves of the Belgian Veterans Institute spends up to 300,000 a year for that maintenance.


In that package of maintenance of lawns, paths, fences and shelters, the main item is the individual maintenance of the gravestones.


In 2013, the gravestones in the military cemeteries of Leopoldburg (846), Halen (181), Lier (456) and Champion (485) were sandblasted. The numbers in brackets are the number of gravestones of our heroes from the First World War at these respective military cemeteries. In some cemeteries there are also some Belgian victims of the Second World War and victims from other countries.


On September 27, 2013 I happened to witness the sandblasting and lettering on the military cemetery in Halen.










The lettering is a painstaking job. Afterwards there is some sort of varnish applied to the nameplates. It allows to expand the lifespan of the maintenance job considerably.


It is all finished off by placing a new cockade with our national flag.





Before and after:








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