Updating the database - Status on April 15, 2016



A database must constantly be adjusted to changing situations as new information becomes available. This is not different for this database.


In the month of November 2014, we started searching for the places of death of our Belgian soldiers. Everyone understands that not every soldier was buried in the town where he died. Moreover, for an administration and an historian the place of death is more important than the place of burial.


The place of death is not an element that was mentioned on the nameplate of the tombstone of our soldiers. Only in relatively limited cases the place of death was mentionned on the tombstones of soldiers burried individually on civil cemeteries.


We have decided to mention the known places of death of our fallen soldiers in our database from now on, although our research is only done for 85%. The remaining 15% has still to be checked on their historical accuracy. We suspect that this work will keep us busy through the summer of 2016, because our main task, collecting new pictures of the graves, will not be neglected.


We have noticed a long time ago, as every local historian will have done, that for the same soldier in many cases different spellings of his name are in circulation.


Because we rightfully assume that the data on the nameplates are awfully official data, in our database we will always give priority to the spelling of the names as they are on the nameplate.


Where we establish that in other databases (IV IN000 - Flanders Fields - Memoire des Hommes, etc ...) different spellings of names are given, we will always first state the name indicated on the nameplate. The different spelled name used by any other database will be mentionned in second instance for as much as there is space available.




Procedure for obtaining copyrights



Anyone can register to obtain copyright for photos of their choice. The copyright gives the opportunity for unlimited use in any form of publication without acknowledgment of the source of our photographs. However, it is not a property right and therefore not transferable or alienable.


In that respect it is a personal right, whether in the name of an individual, an unincorporated association or any kind of legal entity.


Copyright is set at € 1.00 per photo, for pictures taken at Belgian cemeteries and € 3.00 for the pictures taken at foreign cemeteries. Where available, a general picture of the cemetery (ies) will be send with the order, free of copyright.


In the database (below), which allows you to select on the name of the soldier, his birthplace and his place of death, you will find the file number of the grave in which you have found an interest. That number is the identification number of the desired picture. The price of the rights of each photo is also in the database, so you can easely calculate what your total copyrights are.


Files where in the column "Copyright" a "0" is stated are photographs of graves that have been send to us graciously by third parties. These photographs are part of our private collection and are not available for distribution."




You can register for the copyright of one or more photos

by mailing the file number(s), name(s) and birtplace(s) of the soldier(s) you select

to renejan@telenet.be.




Along with that information you also mail a completed and signed 'Agreement for rights'.

You can print it out, fill out, scan and attach it to your email.

This Agreement may also be sent to me by surface mail. My address is on the form.




Link to the agreement for rights




Upon reception of your email you will receive an order confirmation with the details of the bank account into which the amount due is to be paid.

When your payment is credited to our bank account, you will immediately receive the photos, the countersigned final agreement for copyrights, and a summary of the military record of each individual soldier.

Shipment of the photos, unless you have another preference, by email or "We Transfer", depending on the size of the order.






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Total number of photographs of tombstones

available as of April 15, 2016

In Belgium


21 military cemeteries 

78 civil cemeteries

7 crypts

17 mass graves

2 honorary parks

49 honorary parks in civil cemeteries









In France


Calais Nord

Total of 113 other cemeteries





In The Netherlands




Harderwijk monument














In the United Kingdom


Total of 63 cemetaries




In Switserland


Fribourg and Leysin




In Germany






In Danmark






Total military victims


Civil victims in France (373 - 1 known to God)

Known to God (whereof 40 in France)








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